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GOTHAM Season 4 Dark Band Trailer: It’s Actually Starting to Look Like Batman

Over the past few years, superhero television has taken over the television airwaves. Whether it’s the success of the The Flash and the Arrowverse, creative takes on Preacher and Legion, or the The Defenders on Netflix, there are a lot of options for viewers. One of the shows that has managed to survive the test of time is Fox’s Gotham

The show serves as an Elseworld take on Gotham City, set in the time period before there the Batman existed. For the past three seasons, Gotham has focused on detective Jim Gordon, years before he would become the commissioner and forge a secret partnership with the Bat. Essentially, it’s a prequel tale that attempts to lay the foundation for a city in need of the legendary vigilante. 

Gotham has experienced its ups and downs, with a successful debut that’s slowly leaked fans over the course of the show’s first two seasons. However, by most accounts the show righted itself last year with storylines and characters that are more recognizable to comic fans. Now with actor David Mazouz coming of age, the time is right for young Bruce Wayne to begin his own journey into becoming the Batman. 

It’s hard to overlook the high production quality, as well as the showrunner’s efforts to make Gotham more recognizable as the infamous city from the comics and previous live-action incarnations. The fourth season looks to be highly influenced by the works of Christopher Nolan (which is evidenced by the season’s subtitle “The Dark Knight”) and Tim Burton, as well as by the comic source material. The villains are colorful and easily identifiable as they literally pop off of the screen and it seems that the producers aren’t holding back as they embrace the show’s superhero roots.


The new trailer for season 4 highlights all of the surprises that are coming in the Fall. It seems that this is intended to be a season that pays off the patience that the show’s fan base has had over the past three years. While it appears that The Scarecrow will be the main villain of the seasons, there will be no shortage of iconic characters such as, Mr. Freeze, Solomon Grundy, and Ra’s Al Ghul. While we will get to see Selina Kyle develop her trademark persona as Catwoman along side Wayne’s Batman. There is a lot to like in this trailer and even people – like myself – who wrote off the show, might be enticed to tune back in for the season premiere. Check out the new trailer for the fourth season of Gotham below.

Gotham returns for season 4 on September 21st, 2017 of FOX.


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Source: FOX

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