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AQUAMAN Update: The Supporting Cast in Final Talks

Warner Bros is continuing to learn just how hard it is to create a cinematic universe. While the DCEU has proven to be profitable, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad left a lot to be desired for many fans and critics. Wonder Woman is much anticipated, but the movie hasn’t been without rumors and skepticism. While The Batman has gone from a sure bet, to a director-less project. However, one movie on the upcoming slate that’s managed to avoid controversy is Aquaman

Director James Wan (The Conjuring 2) is at the helm of the upcoming release and has been busy with pre-production for the movie that is going to be shooting in the near future. Jason Momoa is returning as the title character and is being surrounded with an impressive supporting cast that already boasts Amber Heard as Mera and William Dafoe as his royal advisor, Vulko. Both of whom are expected to make an appearance in this year’s Justice League. While Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) has officially joined the solo film as Orm, Arthur Curry’s villainous half-brother who is also known as Ocean Master. 

In the past few days, some key pieces of the cast for Aquaman have been uncovered, which gives a fuller understanding of the movie’s scope. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (The Get Down) has been cast as perhaps Curry’s most iconic adversary, Black Manta. The villain is known for his distinct scuba gear and helmet, that gives him the ability to dive deeper than mere mortals. It’s unclear if he will team up with Orm, but his presence should be felt throughout the DCEU, particularly since he does go on to become a member of the Suicide Squad in the comics.

Abdul-Mateen has a short resume, but made a big impact in his role of Cadillac in The Get Down. He proved to have a menacing presence and a physicality that should result in a new type of villain to add to the impressive roster of bad guys in the DCEU. 

While Momoa is headlining the film, the cast could always add some prestige. It appears that it will come in the form of Nicole Kidman, according to THR the actress is in talks to join the film as Curry’s mother, Atlanna. In the comics, he was born to a human lighthouse keeper and the queen of the underwater city of Atlantis, which is how he eventually earns his birthright and jealousy from Orm. 

Finally, it was uncovered this morning that Temuera Morrison is in final talks to join the production, as Curry’s human father. It would stand to reason that they would stay close to the source material. Morrison had recent success as the Moana’s father in last year’s animated Disney hit, Moana. However, he does have some films on his resume that may make some raise their eyebrows, including Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Green Lantern.

In any case, there are multiple reasons to get hyped about next year’s release of Aquaman. As the movie ramps up for production, there will be a lot more about the upcoming superhero flick. So get ready.

Aquaman opens October 5th, 2018.

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Source: THR

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