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SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Trailer #2: Shot-by-Shot Breakdown & Easter Eggs

There is one superhero that’s arguably larger than the entire Marvel cinematic universe itself – Spider-Man. So when Sony partnered with Marvel Studios to effectively bring the superhero back into the fold there was a sense that something big was on the horizon. Last year, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was introduced in Captain America: Civil War and it was clear that a star was born.

This summer will be the web-swinger’s time to shine in his first solo film within the MCU, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Today, Marvel dropped the second full trailer for the film, which gives an in-depth look at the new comic book movie. In fact, the trailer is so full…they may have shown too much, as it seems that the entire plot of the movie is condensed within the two-minute sizzle reel.

In the past, Marvel has both revealed too much in their trailers and have proven to be masters of misdirection with their marketing as well. Regardless, there is a lot to pick apart and analyze in the new trailer. So, lets jump into the spider’s web!




It’s no coincidence that they established the Queens, New York setting early on in the trailer. However unlike previous films, Marvel/Sony chose to focus on the actual borough, rather than Manhattan and the overall NY locale. Sam Raimi’s Queens barely felt like it took place in the real world, with a heightened sense of reality that leaned heavily into the early art work of Steve Ditko. This shot in the trailer is a declaration that this Peter Parker not only exists in the MCU, but he also could be walking down Linden Blvd.


The Vulture


Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes is aptly named The Vulture for more than simply his wings. This incarnation of the character runs a salvaging company that cleans up the mess after superhero battles. He then sifts through technology – like a vulture – and engineers new weaponry from it, presumably with an assist from the Tinkerer.


Tony Stark’s Damage Control


This is a clever play on Marvel Comics’ Damage Control, which was a comic created by Dwayne McDuffie, about the clean-up crews that rebuild the city after super-scuffles. Apparently, Tony Stark has gotten into the business, which pushes the blue-collar operation run by Toomes out of the picture. This is the spark that creates a new villain in the Vulture, Shocker, and his other cronies.


Comic Influences


Comic fans should instantly recognize the half-unmasked Parker. The character often partially pulls up his mask to talk on the phone, eat a burger, or to simply get direct access to air in the comics. This shot screams the influences of legendary comic artist John Romita and is another subtle assurance that Marvel Studios will not let its fans down.


Aunt May


This is not your father’s Aunt May. However even from a single shot, the connection between Parker and his surrogate mother, Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), is clear. It seems she will continue to dispense quality advice and it’s definitely encouraging that she wasn’t made into a damsel in distress in the trailer. Hopefully the Vulture’s plan isn’t to kidnap her in the third act.


Homemade Costume


In the trailer, Stark takes back his super-suit from Parker and he’s forced to go back to the basics. This homemade costume shares a lot in common with the Spider-Noir look from the comics. While it seems that this scene is a part of the final set piece, it’s hard to imagine him going into battle with anything less than his classic look. Fortunately, only three months to find out how it plays out. 


Captain America P.S.A.


There had been rumors that the Captain would be making a cameo in Homecoming, which seemed incongruous, since he was last seen hiding out in the African country of Wakanda. However, it does raise some questions, since Steve Rogers is technically a fugitive of the law. It will be interesting to see how the fallout of Civil War is addressed, particularly in the scenes with Stark, and how the Captain is viewed by the public.


Cap’s Shield


There is a lot to unpack in this single shot. Most will pay attention to the callback to Captain America: Civil War, when he snagged the shield from Cap and greeted the world. However, it’s equally important to note the diversity of Parker’s high school, which is the most accurate representation of modern-day NY, than any of the previous incarnations.

Also, who is standing out in the photo? Yup, Zendaya’s “Michelle” is clearly an introverted outsider and we have never seen a more clear red herring into her true identity. (Cough Cough. MJ…) It seems that director Jon Watts (Cop Car) is trying to make sure that she stands out from the crowd. If only Parker would realize that he has already hit the “jackpot.”




The new Spider-Man suit that Stark made for Parker is full of unknown gadgets and whistles. It seems that this a moment of discovery when he realizes that he has a Spider-tracer. In the comics the tracking device was typically fired from his wrist, however it seems that this incarnation is a fully-functional robot capable of flight. It sure pays to know Iron Man.


Form-Fitting Suit


If you have ever seen someone who has dressed up as Spider-Man for Halloween, you know how hard it is to actually fill out the Spider-tights. The technological explanation for the form-fitting costume is another small detail, that makes all the difference in creating a believable world.




This is a small, yet completely believable moment for the two high school friends, as Peter lets Ned try on the Spider-suit. This is a humorous moment, but also may be signaling that Parker doesn’t fully appreciate what has been gifted to him. Now that Ned is in on the secret, it’s clear that he will be an extra set of eyes in Spider-Man’s fight for the city.


Workshop Class

A large part of Parker’s skill set that was glanced over in the previous Spidey movies is his inherent mechanical genius. In Homecoming he seems to be attending a school for gifted students much like himself. In this particular scene it’s safe to guess, Ned Leeds is helping him develop new tech for (presumably) his homemade suit, after it’s confiscated by Stark.


Iron Man Assist


It can be argued that Sony and Marvel may have revealed too much of the story for Homecoming in the newest trailer. Case in point is the Staten Island ferry rescue scene, where it’s revealed that Iron Man gives Spidey an assist. The armor appears to be the Ultimate Iron Man armor from the comics and I’m willing to wager that Spider-Man gets a chance to rescue Stark in return before the end credits roll.


Trick Shots


This sequence in the trailer showed off two different examples of new creative uses for Spidey’s webbing. In the above picture, we see that he is able to accurately shoot two web lines from one wrist launcher. The moment directly after shows a web shot that is either set to a timer, or is motion-activated which traps an unwitting attacker. There are surely even more surprises hidden within the costume that should catch comic fans off-guard.


The Vulture Spreads His Wings


This is perhaps one of the most dramatic and iconic shots in the trailer. Not only does The Vulture have Parker seemingly unconscious on his wingtip, he also is looking at him unmasked. We will see how this is handled in the plot. It’s not as if Parker is famous or easily identifiable, but there’s a long tradition of villains being closely linked to Parker in past films. It’s also worth noting the Coney Island location. Presumably, this occurs after the plane sequence, judging from the homemade costume and fiery wreckage. Hopefully, things go better for the plane’s passengers, than for Spidey in this shot.


Spider-Man: Homecoming opens on July 7th, 2017.

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