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GAMBIT: PIRATES Director Gore Verbinski in Talks to Direct X-MEN Spin-Off

Once again the X-Men spin-off Gambit has found life, as Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinksi is reportedly in negotiations to helm the upcoming film. 

The Gambit movie has once again found life after suffering many public humiliations during the course of its pre-production. The spin-off took the industry off-guard as Channing Tatum surprised everyone with his intense desire to both produce and play the title character in his own film. Producer Lauren Shuler-Donner shepherded the project, as Tatum made public appearance at San Diego Comic Con along with the cast of the DeadpoolX-Men: Apocalypse, and Fantastic Four, which signified the X-Men cinematic universe of their future past. (I couldn’t resist.) 

Gambit is the only project to not go before cameras, while the production was plagued by multiple director hires and fires since that point. Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) were two of the more high profile hires and departures, which convinced the industry that the movie was ultimately dead in the water. However, today Mike Fleming over at Deadline has reported that the movie has hired an accomplished director to helm the project:

I’m hearing that Gore Verbinski is making a deal to direct Gambit at Fox. The X-Men spinoff has been a high priority at the studio, since Channing Tatum stepped up to star in the film as Remy LeBeau, the suave mutant from New Orleans who can turn objects into projectiles. That includes a deck of cards. Free Association’s Tatum and Reid Carolin are producing the film with X-Men overseers Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg.  Josh Zetumer wrote the script. 

Verbinski has been at the helm of some notably films, including The RingRango, as well as two Pirates of the Caribbean blockbusters, proving that he has an enviable range as a filmmaker. He has the ability to effortlessly navigate multiple genres, as well as small and large scale filmmaking. Not to mention, his experience dealing with pirate scoundrels should serve him well in telling the story set within a world of mutant thieves. However, it should be noted that the director hasn’t directed a tent pole blockbuster since the much-maligned flop, The Lone Ranger. So, it would seem that the director has something to prove. 

The movie will serve as an origin story following Remy LeBeau, better known as the X-Men, Gambit. Before he joined the mutant superhero team, he was a member of a New Orleans Thieves Guild. Recent rumors have revealed that the movie may be centered around a heist and could feature the villainous Mr. Sinister as the movie’s big bad, with Spectre’s Daniel Craig reported to be the frontrunner for the role. 

The most important thing to note is that the X-Universe is moving full speed ahead with three new movies coming within 2018. The New MutantsDeadpool 2, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, will all mark a turning of the corner for Fox Studios, who are taking a the franchise in bold new directions. There isn’t a firm release date set for Gambit, however it’s presumable that the studio is shooting for a 2019 release. There is sure to be a lot more to come on this project, so start shuffling your lucky deck of cards. 

What do you think of the hiring of Verbinski? How much faith do have in the Gambit spin-off? Do you like the approach? Let us know on the comment boards, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter! Share our stories by simply clicking your favorite social media below!

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