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Box Office Report – Melissa McCarthy Proves to Be THE BOSS Knocking Out BATMAN V SUPERMAN

It was a photo finish this past weekend as Melissa McCarthy again proved her box-office power by taking on literal superheroes. Her new movie The Boss managed to edge out the competition for a first place finish. Despite this being a Universal production, the opening was being closely watched by Sony Pictures executives who are surely breathing a sigh of relief. Since McCarthy is headlining their highly controversial reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise for the studio this summer and The Boss shows she still has drawing power. While The Boss’ $23.5 million dollar opening isn’t going to break any major records, it does prove that despite the movie’s negative reviews and overall bad buzz, her fan base will still support her films. 


In only its third week of release Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice managed to narrowly fall to second with an estimated $23.3 million dollars. This scenario was literally unthinkable before the film’s opening, with WB strategically placing its release in a time period without any blockbuster competition. The movie’s precipitous drop will be heavily scrutinized since it’s looking increasingly unlikely that the film will gross a billion dollars worldwide. It will be interesting to see if WB goes through with the rumored plan to release the film’s 3-hour director’s cut in theaters, to add to the movie’s take later in the summer.


On the other side of the spectrum, Zootopia refuses to lose steam as it collected another estimated $14.3 million dollars in its sixth week of release. The hit should be affected by this week’s release of The Jungle Book, however both are Disney movies so either way the Mouse House wins.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 managed to hang on to fourth place with an estimated $6.4 million dollars. The sequel has had a deceptively successful three-week run and it looks as if it will stay in the top ten for a few more weeks.


Rounding out the top five is Hardcore Henry. The experimental film shot entirely in POV opened with an estimated $5.1 million dollars over the past weekend. The debut has to be slightly disappointing, however expect the movie to have a great second life as a cult classic.


Here is the complete box-office breakdown for the weekend of April 8th-10th, 2016.

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 N The Boss Uni. $23,586,645 3,480 $6,778 $23,586,645 $29 1
2 1 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice WB $23,363,079 -54.5% 4,102 -154 $5,696 $296,613,621 $250 3
3 2 Zootopia BV $14,345,422 -25.8% 3,444 -254 $4,165 $296,004,904 6
4 3 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Uni. $6,476,200 -42.3% 3,027 -152 $2,139 $46,809,020 3
5 N Hardcore Henry STX $5,107,604 3,015 $1,694 $5,107,604 1
6 5 Miracles from Heaven TriS $4,706,681 -35.1% 2,783 -372 $1,691 $53,713,300 $13 4
7 4 God’s Not Dead 2 PFR $4,054,185 -46.8% 2,354 -65 $1,722 $14,024,089 2
8 6 The Divergent Series: Allegiant LG/S $3,517,977 -39.0% 2,503 -515 $1,406 $61,747,543 4
9 7 10 Cloverfield Lane Par. $2,905,190 -36.3% 1,886 -625 $1,540 $67,880,730 5
10 9 Eye in the Sky BST $2,896,596 -26.9% 1,089 +60 $2,660 $10,473,110 5


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Source: Box Office Mojo


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