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The Characters Who Shot Death Scenes in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (SPOILERS)

There has been a ton of speculation regarding the plot and eventual fallout of Captain America: Civil War. The Marvel cinematic universe went into a frenzy when the first trailer was released last year. Marvel treated fans to a bevy of money shots – none more haunting than the image of James “War Machine” Rhodes lying prone, with a seemingly fatal wound. But is the character actually dead?

Our sources inside Marvel have let us in on some very interesting information regarding both the production process of Marvel and some juicy details about certain characters possible fate in Civil War. The source also explained that there is actually a precedent for Marvel shooting multiple death scenes and making the final determination in the edit bay. During post-production for Avengers: Age of Ultron, there were rumors that Hawkeye could die. In an alternate universe that did actually happen… However in this one, there is just that footage of Hawkeye’s death scene sitting somewhere in the walls of Marvel Studios. Why? Because they love to keep their options open as long as possible.

With that being said, our sources have let us know what options that they have allowed for in Captain America: Civil War. (HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD)





Three death scenes have been shot, other than the HUGE one we reported on last month. However, only one additional death is intended to be used in the movie. The three death scenes that were shot were of Falcon, War Machine, and Scarlet Witch. Our source indicated that one of these three will die and another one will be severely injured in the second act of the movie. The death is slated to occur after the two sides (sort of) put aside their differences and are facing the greater threat in Baron Zemo. Presumably it will occur very late in the second act or in the last third of the film.  So let’s speculate how this could all come together.


It’s almost unfathomable to imagine a scenario where they would kill off Falcon. Anthony Mackie clearly is one of the keys to the future as the Marvel cinematic universe moves forward. There have been strong rumors and even stronger indications, that Avengers: Infinity War Pt 1 would feature a new lineup of Avengers, primarily made up of characters who were introduced in Marvel’s second and third phase. While the second installment of Infinity War would feature many of the more familiar Avenger faces from the original film. Add to the fact that Mackie is a great ambassador for the Marvel brand, as well as another crucial scene that was shot for the movie (read the spoiler-filled scoop here) that would directly contradict the notion of his death. There isn’t a reasonable scenario where we see this making it into the final cut.


A death scene was definitely dangled in front of the general public when they showed the seemingly lifeless body of War Machine (Don Cheadle) in the trailer. Like we mentioned earlier, the plan has been to severely injure one Avenger in the second act, while another will die in battle later. With that in mind, we do know that a death scene for War Machine was indeed shot. However, the fact that they seem to be signalling Rhodey’s death this early in the marketing, actually leads us to believe that this is misdirection and that he will not be the one passing on (in this movie). 


The final Avenger that shot a death scene is Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and she is the most likely to not make it through the movie. Last year we brought you a detailed scoop about the Vision and his character arc in Civil War. (SPOILERS) One of the most important revelations being that Vision becomes so disillusioned by the end of the movie, that he picks up and flies off into space. We also know that despite Scarlet Witch and Vision battling each other in promo art, that there will be an attraction between the two, that is eventually acknowledged in the film. The knowledge that her death scene was shot as an option, leads us to speculate that she will be the (other) Avenger to not make it out of the Civil War

This is certainly a lot to take in and it also shows the commitment Marvel has to shaking up the status quo with their cinematic universe in Captain America: Civil War and their third phase of filmmaking. What do you think of this news? What direction would you like Marvel to go in? Let us know on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Reddit! Make sure to share our stories on your favorite social media by clicking below.

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