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THE FLASH Season 4 Extended Trailer: The Flash Rebirth

There have been many trailblazers in the recent superhero craze on the television airwaves. While shows such as SmallvilleArrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D paved the way, The Flash was the show that you could recommend to any family member. For the past three seasons The Flash has been a undeniable hit for the CW Network, while also greasing the wheels for other shows such as Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow to have their own time in the spotlight.

The fourth season is right around the corner and the Team Flash has found themselves in a uncomfortable, yet familiar situation. In the third season’s finale, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) sacrificed himself into the Speedforce in an effort to save his loved ones from the menace, Savitar. Iris West (Candice Patton) has attempted to move on, while other factions of the team are not convinced that Barry can’t be found. 

The producers have promised that the show would return to its “fun” roots in the new season. You should take not of how the episode is titled “The Flash Reborn.” DC Films’ head Geoff Johns is known for revitalizing The Flash in the pages of the comics, with the “The Flash: Rebirth.” In the run, he brought Barry back from grave to take his rightful place as the true Flash. The arc is one of the character’s greatest stories, so it makes sense that The Flash producers would draw inspiration from it for the fourth season. 

Visual cues, like the coffee rising from people’s cups should bring to mind the pilot episode, which is not coincidence. It seems that the showrunners are treating the season opener almost like the a reboot for the show. The past season was bogged down by overly complicated timelines, as well as the dark shadow of death that hung over the characters. It seems that the new season will refocus on the heart, levity, and action, that has made it a success in the past. Check out the trailer!

The Flash returns to CW on October 10th, 2017.

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Source: CW

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