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THE DEFENDERS Final Trailer: The Time is Now

On the eve of its streaming debut, Netflix and Marvel launch the final trailer for the upcoming show, The Defenders

Marvel loves it when a plan comes together. And come this Friday, their long-term scheme to launch four separate shows – DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage, and Iron Fist – that culminate in the team-up show titled The Defendersis now a reality. The experiment has been a success, while both Netflix and Marvel can pat each other on the back for accomplishing a feat that has never been done before. However, come this Friday…it will be time to deliver.

Daredevil set the bar high in terms of both dramatic storytelling and in differentiating the Marvel/Netflix heroes from their cinematic counterparts. While Jessica Jones provided a  mature level of psychological subtext, while toeing the line of the genre itself. Luke Cage wore its blackness on its sleeve, introducing a sensibility and viewpoint sorely lacking in the live-action superhero storytelling. While Iron Fist was underwhelming, he is the palette cleanser and proved to have his own world worth exploring.

After years of buildup, the time is now. The first eight-episode mini-series, The Defenderswill be available to view on the Netflix streaming service. The four heroes will be squaring off against a new New York crime lord, Alexandra, played by legendary actress Sigourney Weaver. The character isn’t from the comics, however many have their fingers crossed for a surprise reveal before the final episode ends.


The new trailer highlights both Alexandra and the individuality within the members of The Defenders, who will need to find a way to compliment each other and defeat the threat. It also should be noted how the each show’s supporting characters work into the overall plot as well. It looks like Marvel/Netflix have once again found their stride and everyone will get the chance to judge for themselves this weekend. Check out the trailer:

Official Synopsis:

Don’t call it a team-up. Marvel’s The Defenders focuses on four heroes that come together as an ancient, powerful group threatens all of New York.

Marvel’s The Defenders will be available in its entirety for streaming on August 18th, 2017.

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Source: Netflix

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