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Quentin Tarantino to Revamp the STAR TREK Franchise?

The year is coming to a close, however 2017 has yet another story that will have you questioning your reality and continuing your search for answers for how we diverged into this bizarre timeline. In a wild turn of events, auteur director Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained) has shown interest in helming one of the most prolific franchises in both film and television history, Star Trek.

According to a report by Deadline, Tarantino has imagined a new take for the next installment of the Star Trek series and has pitched it to the franchise’s mega-producer J.J. Abrams, who is moving quickly to form a writer’s room. The details of the pitch are unknown, however it seems like a strong enough of an idea that Tarantino may jump on board as director of the project if the scribes are able to flesh his ideas out. Abrams, who is busy prepping the follow-up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, will remain as producer and ally on the project while Tarantino measures the viability of the project.

Tarantino has been looking for a new home after severing his career-long partnership with Miramax and Weinstein Company after the Harvey Weinstein scandal that rocked the industry. Every major studio, aside from the family-oriented Disney, have put in a bid for his next film tentatively titled, 9, which is a placeholder indicating his ninth feature film. Sony Pictures was the winner of that sweepstakes, however Tarantino’s new alliance with Paramount signals that the director is willing to spread his talents around  the industry in the final phase of his career.

The Pulp Fiction director may seem like an unlikely match for genre material, however the director has shown interest in stretching out in the past. In the 1990’s well before the Marvel cinematic universe craze captivated the collective consciousness, he was trying to convince studios to shoot his version of Luke Cage. He also has been heard talking about his desire to adapt specific episodes of the classic Star Trek television show into a feature in the past. So despite his ability to craft his own cinematic universes, there is still a kid inside his R-rated brain. However, it is unusual for Tarantino to direct a feature that he didn’t pen himself, so it will be curious to see how he plays with Abrams’ writing team. 

This is far from a finished deal, but it’s never too early to begin imagining Kirk and Spock on the bridge talking about the philosophy of Big Macs in the new millennium. In all seriousness, we haven’t gotten to see Tarantino flex his muscles in a PG-13 arena and that type of challenge, along with an affinity for the universe that Gene Roddenberry created, may be what have attracted the filmmaker.

In addition, while it’s probable, it’s not clear if the current cast of the Enterprise including Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, and Karl Urban, are part of the pitch, but it’s hard to imagine otherwise. What we should be keeping our eyes on however, is if Tarantino will rope in any of the original cast. The director has made his career by revamping former icons careers, so it’s hard to imagine Tarantino passing up the opportunity to write dialogue for William Shatner or George Takei. 

This could be really interesting… We will definitely be following this one as the pitch makes its way through pre-production. 

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Source: Deadline

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