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The Comics After Dark podcast brings you the Spawn issue that you’ll never read.
Image Comics’ longest running series, Spawn, will be coming back to the big-screen courtesy of Blumhouse Productions and creator Todd MacFarlane, who will be taking on both writing and directing duties. MacFarlane has wanted the opportunity to adapt his own character for some time now, but what does this mean for the comics?
Image Comics’ Spawn has had a revolving door of artists and writers over the years. Renowned artist Greg Capullo found his footing with Spawn by giving him a lengthy cape and adding an insane amount of details to his design. But one thing you don’t hear much about is how some of these creative teams parted ways with comic. Well, the Comics After Dark podcast finds out while interviewing DC Comics’ artist Jonboy Meyers.
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The Comics After Dark podcast, features Matthew “MTR” Bogarin, Tiffani Jaramillo, and Mike Padilla, over at RATTHAUS.NET, where the podcast is hosted. In their Spawn discussion, they dig into a little known story from Paul Jenkins and Jonboy Meyers where Spawn is tasked with bringing order to Heaven and Earth with the mighty God Sword, that culminates in an epic showdown between Heaven, Earth, and below. Proof of this story is in these YouTube video from Long Beach Comic Con in February of 2016.

You maybe asking yourself, what happened? Why was this story arc scrapped, especially right after the return Al Simmons for issue #250. The truth remains a mystery. Both parties has stated they parted ways due to creative differences. If you bothered to continue to read after, Eric Larsen teams up with MacFarlane himself to end the story arc with an uneventful fight between Satan and God.

Does this storyline give a hint of what’s to come in the upcoming big-screen reboot? It would make sense, as MacFarlane has previously stated that the new Spawn will be more of an “Angel of Death,” rather than a typical “hero” in his new film. Currently, the comic is heading into another unique direction, with the creative team of Jason Shawn Alexander and Darragh Savage. Hopefully this team survives through to the end of their story arc as well. 
Check out Comics After Dark’s podcast over at RATTHAUS.NET for even more!


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