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Box Office Report – The Captain Continues His Billion Dollar March

Captain America: Civil War had a remarkably strong second weekend as the blockbuster continued packing theaters. The movie lost less than 60% of its immense opening weekend sales and is now only days away from crossing the billion dollar mark at the worldwide box-office. The Marvel sequel made an estimated $72.5 million dollars in its second week proving to be a true blockbuster in every sense. 


The Jungle Book refused to loosen its grip on second place. Disney’s family adventure film has been a huge success and lost only 27% of its audience in its fifth week of release. The movie managed to add another estimated $17.7 million dollars to its total, while crossing the $300 million dollar mark domestically. It appears that the movie has more than enough fuel to propel itself into the month of June. 


Money Monster had a surprisingly strong debut with an estimated $15 million dollar opening. It is far from George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ heyday, but it’s still an impressive figure in a crowded summer market. This has been the best week in years for Roberts, as she has two films in the top five of this weekend’s box-office. It seems that her mini-resurgence has primed her for a role in a tentpole franchise in the near future.


Coming in fourth place was The Darkness with an estimated $5.1 million dollar opening. While this is a lower budgeted movie, it was the only new horror movie available and still didn’t manage to attract a significant crowd. However, due to the strategy of Blumhouse Productions who have a business model of producing horror flicks on micro-budgets, the movie will still be able to turn a profit. Now that is the movie business at work. 


Mother’s Day came in fifth place with an estimated $3.2 million dollar pull. The 90’s throwback film’s strategy of distinct counter-programming to movies such as Captain America: Civil War and The Jungle Book has barely paid off. However, expect to see these “Hallmark” style holiday movies continue in the near future.


Here is the complete breakdown for the weekend of May 13th-15th, 2016.

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 1 Captain America: Civil War BV $72,563,000 -59.5% 4,226 $17,171 $295,892,078 $250 2
2 2 The Jungle Book (2016) BV $17,764,000 -27.5% 3,970 -174 $4,475 $311,760,110 $175 5
3 N Money Monster TriS $15,000,000 3,104 $4,832 $15,000,000 $27 1
4 N The Darkness HTR $5,180,000 1,755 $2,952 $5,180,000 1
5 3 Mother’s Day ORF $3,259,205 -70.6% 3,291 +150 $990 $28,757,325 $25 3
6 6 Zootopia BV $2,816,000 -12.4% 1,935 -142 $1,455 $331,831,439 11
7 4 The Huntsman: Winter’s War Uni. $2,580,000 -34.7% 2,518 -383 $1,025 $44,539,250 $115 4
8 5 Keanu WB $1,900,000 -42.2% 2,120 -561 $896 $18,612,503 $15 3
9 7 Barbershop: The Next Cut WB $1,675,000 -40.2% 1,333 -401 $1,257 $51,355,702 5
10 8 The Boss Uni. $1,180,000 -38.3% 1,350 -583 $874 $61,141,700 $29 6


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Source: Box Office Mojo

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