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Box Office Report – BOO 2 and Madea Scares Up A First Place Finish

For the second year in a row, Tyler Perry has taken the top spot at the box-office in the month of October. Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, the sequel to last year’s surprising hit, defied critics with an estimated $21.2 million dollar debut. The film was produced on an announced $25 million dollar production budget and the profit margin speaks to the reason why Madea always seems to be in theaters. 

The first film was a rare crossover success for the Madea franchise, that took advantage of the current horror craze at the theaters. Recently, Perry mentioned that he’d continue making Madea movies as long as people still want them. So it seems that the final chapter in the Madea saga is still years…possibly decades away. 

Coming in second place was Geostorm with an estimated $13.7 million dollar take in its first weekend. The movie seemed doomed from the outset, after being produced on a implausible $120 million dollar budget. Considering all of the horrific real-world natural disasters that have happened to people of Puerto Rico, Houston, Florida, Virgin Islands, and so many other places in past months, it seemed like an ill-conceived time to release an action-survival movie at this time. Add to the fact that the movie received scathing reviews and it’s clear that the release never had a chance.

Third place belonged to Happy Death Day, with an estimated $9.3 million dollar pull. The satirical horror movie had a surprising debut last weekend, yet dropped off significantly in week number two. However, after being produced for an low $4.8 million dollar budget (a signature of Blumhouse Prod.), the movie is yet another huge win for the production company who continues to grow.

Blade Runner 2049 hung around for a fourth place finish. It managed to squeeze out an estimated $7.3 million dollar take in its third week of release. The sequel has fell unexpectedly hard since its debut and is staring down the barrel of over $75 million dollars in losses. Yikes. 

Rounding out the top five spots was Only the Brave, the firefighting drama made an estimated $6 million dollars in its opening weekend. It boasts an impressive 89% Rotten Tomatoes’ score and a world-class cast, however the film’s tepid debut may be a signal that the marketing could have been lacking. Or even more likely, much like Geostorm, or it was simply too soon for the movie after the apocalyptic fires in Northern California. 

Here is the complete Box-Office Report for the weekend of October 20th-22nd, 2017.

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 N Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween LGF $21,226,953 2,388 $8,889 $21,226,953 $25 1
2 N Geostorm WB $13,707,376 3,246 $4,223 $13,707,376 $120 1
3 1 Happy Death Day Uni. $9,363,415 -64.0% 3,298 +149 $2,839 $40,672,780 $4.8 2
4 2 Blade Runner 2049 WB $7,353,151 -52.5% 3,203 -855 $2,296 $74,203,354 $150 3
5 N Only The Brave Sony $6,002,665 2,577 $2,329 $6,002,665 $38 1
6 3 The Foreigner STX $5,787,447 -55.9% 2,515 $2,301 $23,181,700 $35 2
7 4 It WB (NL) $3,451,663 -43.0% 2,560 -616 $1,348 $320,186,279 $35 7
8 N The Snowman Uni. $3,372,565 1,812 $1,861 $3,372,565 $35 1
9 6 American Made Uni. $3,131,650 -43.1% 2,559 -539 $1,224 $45,473,385 $50 4
10 7 Kingsman: The Golden Circle Fox $3,011,307 -44.0% 2,318 -664 $1,299 $94,580,239 $104 5


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Source: Box Office Mojo

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