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You MUST WATCH the Epic Short Film ‘It’s Payback Time’

There is nothing better than when art transcends simple storytelling and leaves the viewer with a theme or message that inspires them throughout the day. The short film, It’s Payback Time, manages to do that, while delivering awe inspiring animation and a twist that will slap you on the back of the head.

Its-Payback-Time-Animation-6 blob-society-deserves-to-die-in-animated-short-its-payback-time

Perhaps due to our historical memory of widespread illnesses that caused death, ranging from the Black Plague to AIDS, many are ill prepared to handle the unknown. What is even more interesting and explored in movies and shows ranging from Outbreak to The Walking Dead, is how would people react if a disease ran rampant and decimated the population rapidly? Would we lock ourselves at home? Band together to find a cure? Turn on each other? Run aimlessly in the streets? That answer is probably different for everyone, but it does seem that deep down… most people do really care. This two-minute short film expertly touches on all of those themes, while delivering a bang. Enjoy the film:

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Source: It’s Payback Time


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