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THE GET DOWN’S Shameik Moore Cast as Miles Morales in Animated SPIDER-MAN Movie

Sony Pictures is back in the Spider-Man business after their flagship character was given a proper reintroduction into pop culture, thanks to a formal blessing by Marvel Studios in last year’s Captain America: Civil War. Now the wall-crawler is back on his feet in Spider-Man: Homecomingafter a profitable yet underwhelming run with the Amazing Spider-Man series, that blemished the character’s viability.

We are only months away from the release of the new Spidey flick with Tom Holland (In The Heart of the Sea) in his first solo adventure as Peter Parker. However, that’s far from the last of Sony’s plans for the web-slinger’s cinematic future, as there are multiple movies in development to fill out Sony’s film slate. There’s a Venom movie in the works that will carry horror elements andwell as an R-rating. In addition to that, there is also a film based on Silver Sable and Black Cat, two female supporting characters from Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery. However, before all of those make it to the theater, another Spider-Man will be swinging into a cinema near you and it’s not Peter Parker.

A CGI film based on the “Ultimate Spider-Man” line is currently in production with Miles Morales preparing to makes his mainstream debut in December of next year. Little is known about the upcoming production which has a prime release date in the winter movie season of 2018, however thanks to THR, we now know who will be voicing the primary characters. Shameik Moore (Dope) has been tapped to bring Morales’ voice to life as the new Spider-Man, while Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan) has been revealed as the voice of the movie’s still unknown villain.

Moore has made an impact in the past few years on the big screen with starring roles in both Dope and The Get Down on Netflix. He has an affable charm along with a youthful vigor that should translate well to the role of Miles Morales, a teenager who is gifted with amazing powers of Spider-Man – and more – after genetically engineer spider bites him. While this won’t be the first superhero rodeo for Schreiber, who already cut his teeth playing Sabertooth against Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine 

Aside from the villain’s identity, it’s a mystery how the story of Morales will play out on screen and if there will be an appearance from the original Spider-Man. In the pages of the comics, Peter Parker died in battle and Morales’ arc is about his responsibility to pick up the Spider-Man mantle. This could be tricky with the MCU version in theaters, that will not be a part of the same universe. 

There is surely a lot more to come on this movie as more details come to light. The animated Miles Morales Spider-Man movie will open on December 21st, 2018.

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Source: THR

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