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MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN Gameplay Trailer: 8 Minutes of the Best Spidey Action Ever

This summer there are many familiar faces on the big screen. Wonder Woman, Optimus Prime, and an entire planet of apes are waiting in the wings to reclaim their spot in the sun. However, when it comes to popularity, there may be no bigger name, face, or mask, than that of Spider-Man.

At this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, there were more than a handful of jaw-dropping announcements and reveals of new games to keep gamers wired throughout 2018. One of the most anticipated video game reveals at the convention was for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Sony and Insomniac Games developed the newest adventure featuring the wall-crawler and despite there being a lofty history of classic Spider-Man games, this looks like it could be the definitive version.

The new game play trailer is over 8 minutes long and highlights the cinematic experience that we can expect. It seems that Insomniac is building on the open world nature of previous Spider-Man games, while doubling down on action set pieces that put what we’ve seen on film to date to shame.

Also, hang around for the brief after-credits scene that has clever cameo from Miles Morales. This is a clear indication that the other Spider-Man, will either be a part of the plot or a playable character at some point in the game. The Morales character model varies from the comic’s version slightly, with the character appearing older than his two-dimensional counterpart. It’s an interesting opportunity to reshape his origin story, perhaps in a way that doesn’t call for the death of Peter Parker.

Simply put, this is one of the best trailers out right now and only serves to increase the anticipation for the game’s release. There isn’t a firm release date, although we can expect it sometime within 2018. What are ya doing? Check it out:

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be released for Sony Playstation 4 in 2018.

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Source: Marvel

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