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Marvel and Netflix’s partnership continues to flourish as they already have two successful shows under their belt in Daredevil and Jessica Jones.While the next series in the pipeline, Luke Cage, is already well into production with a majority of the principal photography finished. The final solo show in the announced slate is Iron Fist, with Scott Buck of Dexter fame assigned as the showrunner to bring the comic to live-action.


Last December, we and That Hashtag Show, dropped a juicy bit of news for the Iron Fist TV show, including casting breakdowns, the return of Jeri Hogarth, and the production code name “Kick.” Since that time, actor Mike Colter revealed in late January, that a mystery  actor has been cast as Iron Fist. This is what he had to say to Collider.

“The actor has been cast, but he’s in a basement somewhere. When the time is right, they’ll let him up and tell him where he is. I am [excited]. I’ll get a nice little break, after doing Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Whether I’m in [Iron Fist], I don’t know, but there’s The Defenders.”

This led us on a goose chase to find out who the mystery person is that will complete the Defenders quartet for Marvel and Netflix. According to the source who gave us our Slingshot casting scoop for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., actor Finn Jones has been cast as Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. Unfortunately, we were not able to get this confirmed from a secondary source, since there is so much secrecy over the production. However, in our follow-up research, all the signs seem to be pointing in Jones’ direction as well.


Jones at 27 years of age, has the right look and build for Rand. More interestingly is that the Game of Thrones actor, who portrays Loras Tyrell in the series, doesn’t seem to have any projects lined up, beyond this season of the HBO show. In addition, the actor is normally active on social media yet has almost disappeared from Twitter for the month of February. Could it be that he has been “in a basement somewhere?”


Marvel and Netflix clearly have a strategy of hiring lesser known actors who featured on acclaim winning cable programs. Whether it’s Charlie Cox coming from a memorable stint on Boardwalk Empire or Krysten Ritter’s unforgettable role on Breaking Bad, it’s clear that Marvel/Netflix are seeking lesser-known talent who become the face and embodiment of their respective superheroes. While balancing the productions by hiring established name actors such as Vincent D’Onofrio or David Tennant, to play the villains and to raise the stake of the series with their gravitas. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see who is cast as Iron Fist’s adversary (presumably Harold Meachum) in the series next.


It’s a very exciting time to be a fan of Marvel, with the debut of Daredevil’s second season next month and Luke Cage presumably near the end of the year. It is even more encouraging to see how the Defenders are slowly coming together and we can’t wait to bring you the next bit of news!

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