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EXCLUSIVE: Colleen Wing, Steel Serpent, and More Character Breakdowns for IRON FIST Show

Marvel’s partnership with Netflix is expanding exponentially in 2016, with at least four shows in various stages of development. The fourth and most mysterious piece to the Defenders puzzle has been the Iron Fist show…until recently.


In the fall, we in conjunction with That Hashtag Show, uncovered production start dates and early casting details for Iron Fist, who we later revealed to be Finn Jones. Well it seems casting for the show is furiously continuing and the cast that will support Jones is being narrowed down. Our source that provided us with our Slingshot casting for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (who actually made her first appearance on the show last night), tipped us off to some other character descriptions for roles being cast in the upcoming Iron Fist show. (It’s interesting to note that the first letter of each code name seems to correspond with their true identities.) That Hashtag Show enlisted us along with MCU Exchange, to uncover who these four roles, all slated as series regulars, truly are.


Code Name: Christine

Comic Identity: Colleen Wing


Character Description: She has a NY toughness, along with a businesswoman savvy. The character also has a good heart and is hiding many secrets. The production is also hoping to find a 25-30 year old actress of Asian descent, preferably with martial arts training. 

This role is potentially significant for a couple of reasons. It’s a chance for a female Asian superhero, which certainly is a rarity in today’s marketplace. Just as important, much like Iron Fist eventually forms a friendship with Luke Cage. Wing forms an alliance in the comics with Misty Knight, played by Simone Missick, who will appear on Luke Cage as a supporting character.


In the comics, Knight loses her arm and has it replaced it with a bionic limb. Wing helped to rehabilitate her friend during this time. The two then go on to open their own private investigation agency called Daughters of the Dragon. While her backstory certainly won’t be completely fleshed out in the first season of Iron Fist, there is a lot of material to mine in future seasons of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, or even The Defenders team-up series. 


Code Name: Devon

Comic Name: Davos


Character Description: They are looking for Asian, Pacific Island, or East Indian actors in the 25-30 year old age range. The character is described as handsome and effortlessly powerful, yet thoughtful warrior. They are again preferably looking for an actor with martial arts experience for the role. 

In the comics, Davos is a native of of K’un-L’un and was trained in martial arts before being exiled. He is a notable adversary because of his shared history with Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, in the mystical land. He also managed to find a way to drain Rand’s Iron Fist power for himself. The character also fits with the Marvel mold of having the hero face an adversary that has a similar origin and power set. A large part of the Iron Fist story is character based, however there still has to be a physical threat to  Rand and the Steel Serpent certainly fits the bill. 


Code Name: Jody

Comic Name: Joy Meachum


Character Description: The character is described as compassionate, educated, and logical. They are looking for a Caucasian actress for the role between 25-30 years.

Joy Meachum is the daughter of Harold Meachum, who was responsible for the death of Danny Rand’s father in the comics. We previously reported on the casting call for Harold and it lines up perfectly with the description. In the comics, Joy is a brilliant businesswoman who falls to the Darkside when she mistakenly thought that Iron Fist killed her father. This leads her to team up with her uncle Ward and they hire Steel Serpent to take down Iron Fist. It’s unclear how the role will play out in the series, but it would be fun to see her character arc throughout the season.


Code Name: Walter

Comic Name: Ward Meachum


Character Description: They are looking to cast a Caucasian man around 30-35 years of age for the role. “Walter” is insecure, yet brilliant in the office and possesses a ruthless streak. 

This role was a little more difficult to nail down, but we have seen audition footage and the sides indicate that this is someone who is familiar with Danny Rand and does not want him a part of his family’s empire. In the comics, Ward is the classic devious businessman who hires freakish criminals, including Steel Serpent, to take down Iron Fist. It’s unclear how large of a role this will be, but it does stand to reason that this will be one of Iron Fist’s antagonists outside of his costume.

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