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Epic Comicast Podcast – SUICIDE SQUAD Extended Cut Review – Ep 115

Welcome back to the 115th episode of the Epic Comicast podcast! TC and Karina are back with another installment of their show, that’s stuffed with an hour of pure geek pleasure for your ears. 


The Inhumans are coming to the ABC Network and Epic Comicast isn’t so sure that’s a good sign for the project. They take a look at the upcoming show and weigh in on the loose connectivity of the Marvel cinematic universe. They also take a look at the CW Network’s lineup of DC Comics’ shows, including The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow to balance out the discussion. 


The ECC crew have been largely disappointed by the films of the DCEU so far. However, they haven’t given up… This episode they decided to give Suicide Squad another chance with the extended cut of the movie. The home release of the film has an additional 11 minutes of footage featuring the Joker, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn. Epic Comicast breaks down the movie and lets you know if it’s an improvement on the theatrical release, as well as their thoughts on where the DCEU will go from here. Enjoy!

Official Synopsis:

I can’t wait to show you my DELETED SCENES… well kind of. What’s up Epic Comic Crew! Welcome back to the podcast made by fans about the fandoms you love; The Epic Comicast. This week Karina and TC discuss the Inhuman’s demotion to TV as well as review the not so extended cut of David Ayer’s 2016 film Suicide Squad. Make sure to visit us over at www.epiccomicast.com to check out more of our podcast episodes! We hope you enjoy!


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Suicide Squad Extended Cut Review
Why Were There Scenes Still Missing?
Is There Hope For The DCEU?
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