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Epic Comicast Podcast – State of the DCEU Address – Ep 109

It’s time for another hour of epic audio, specially tuned to your geek frequencies. It’s another installment of Epic Comicast and this week they aren’t pulling any punches, they are here to hit DC Films square in the mouth. Yikes!

But before they do, they address some of the biggest headlines of the week. Including the report that Zendaya is not playing a character named “Michelle” in next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, but is in fact taking on the iconic role of Mary Jane Watson. They give their thoughts on the news and if the casting is noteworthy to begin with. TC also breaks down this year’s 2nd Annual ECC Fantasy Football League (which the PoG will be competing in again), however this year Epic Comicast is inviting lucky listeners to participate in this year’s tournament. Listen up for the details! 


When things go too far, sometimes you have to have an intervention. Epic Comicast have been huge flag wavers for comic book movies and apparently things have gone too far in regards to Warner Bros’ recent efforts. Man of SteelBatman v Superman, and now Suicide Squad, have been huge disappointments for the Epic Comicast team. They break down what they feel has gone wrong and what are the possible solutions to correct the DC ship that Warner Bros is steering. Get ready for an Epic episode! 


Official Synopsis:

**TRIGGER WARNING** DC… We need to talk… for an hour actually… about the state of your cinematic universe. Join Karina and TC this week as we discuss everything DCEU and our hopes regarding the fate of the superheroes we love. We also touch on the rumored Zendaya Mary Jane Watson casting as well as how you can enter the 2nd annual ECC Fantasy Football League! Visit us over at www.epiccomicast.com to check out more of our podcast episodes! We hope you enjoy!


ECC Fantasy Football League
New MEME’D Special!
Zendaya Cast as Mary Jane?
State Of The DCEU Address
Wasted Potential/Failure
Is There Hope?
Missed Opportunities?
Listen to the podcast by clicking play BELOW, visit Epic Comicast to browse their archived episodes, and make sure to subscribe to ECC at the iTunes Store! 


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