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Epic Comicast Podcast – SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Trailer, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND Review – Ep 116

Welcome back for another episode of the Epic Comicast podcast! This edition the dynamic duo have a lot to talk about as there has been a tidal wave of geek news this month.


The crew first takes a look at the new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, which set the internet aflame last week. The ECC team digs into the newly released footage of the first Spidey film under the Sony/Marvel Studios banner. They also break down the new face of Peter Parker, Tom Holland, and contrast him with the previous incarnations of the hero. They also give their thoughts on Zendaya and Michael Keaton’s roles in the upcoming movie, as well as what surprises may be in store.


They then take a look to the future and discuss the upcoming big-screen adaption of Power Rangers, and more specifically the new version of Alpha-5. The robot is getting a drastic makeover and will be voiced by Bill Hader in the reboot of the popular TV series. TC and Karina are huge fans, so it’s a good time whenever they talk Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and they are not happy with the new design.


For the main course, the ECC team review one of the most buycialisquality.com polarizing films in the X-Men library with X-Men: The Last Stand. The movie was plagued with production issues and those manifested in unfortunate ways in the film’s final cut. TC and Karina take another look at the movie’s numerous flaws, and a few of its strong points, while comparing it with the rest of the X-Men universe. Get ready for something Epic!

Official Synopsis:

Hey everyone! We’re back with a brand new episode stacked full of geeky goodness. This week Karina and TC discuss the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer and whether or not we’re even more hyped! We also review the final installment of the original X-Men series X-Men: The Last Stand. Make sure to visit us over at www.epiccomicast.com to check out more of our podcast episodes! We hope you enjoy!


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