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Epic Comicast Podcast – Ep 95 – ‘Batman v Superman’ Fallout & Aftermath

Welcome back for another episode of the Epic Comicast podcast! There has been only one thing on the minds of comic book movie fans this past week and that’s the release and disastrous reception to Warner Bros’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


The movie’s second weekend of release had a historic dropoff. It seems that the negative critical reception and bad word-of-mouth has prompted a meteoric collapse. TC and Karina revisit the polarizing movie and on further reflection…they still didn’t like it. However that doesn’t stop them from breaking down more aspects of the movie and responding to some listener questions as well.


The impact of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s negative feedback and box-office drop-off will be felt throughout Warner Bros’ upcoming slate of DC Comics’ films. We got our first indication of WB making changes in the wake of Dawn of Justice, with last week’s news that Suicide Squad was undergoing reshoots to inject more humor into the movie. The ECC crew touches on this and other concerns for the future of the DCEU. So get ready for another awesome episode!

Official Synopsis:

We couldn’t get enough out about our feelings toward Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice so we’re bring you Part Deux! This episode is dedicated to touching up on certain things we missed during our initial review as well as responding and elaborating on questions you guys had toward our first episode. Is the DCEU starting to panic by ordering Suicide Squad reshoots? Sick back and enjoy the latest episode of the Epic Comicast!


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