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Epic Comicast Podcast – Ep 72 – Spider-Man 3, Gotham, Jessica Jones Teasers

It has been a rollercoaster at the movies recently, with some great developments and some flat-out tragedies that took place in the real-world. Epic Comicast is here to walk you through some of the highlights, and lowlights, of the past week. 

Marvel’s newest TV series, Jessica Jones has begun its subtle marketing campaign after staying largely quiet during production this past year. After an abstract introductory teaser was released recently, this past week we got our first live-action looks at the tone and content of the upcoming Netflix release. The ECC crew gives their thoughts on the new tidbits of footage, while also moving over to the DC side so TC can give his thoughts on the new direction of Gotham. They also touch on the terrible tragedy in Oregon and give their thoughts on the growing trend of violence.

For the main course, Karina and TC review and break down Spider-Man 3. The third film in Sam Raimi’s original trilogy was a shocking failure, after the first installments were a hit with both critics and audiences. Spider-Man 3 was the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen of the series, in that it was a huge box-office success, but no one seems to actually like the movie. The ECC crew walks you through some of the film’s biggest follies and misfires, while finding plenty of unintentional humor in the movie. This is a great episode to geek out to! Enjoy!

Official Synopsis:

Epic Comicast is “So Good” this week as Karina and TC review the final installment of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy; Spider-Man 3! Join us as we review the film which managed to cram three substantial Spidey foes into one movie! We touch on the short but sweet Jessica Jones teasers as well as the recent mass shooting in Oregon. Has Gotham pulled us back in? Find out on this jam packed episode of Epic Comicast!


Jessica Jones Teasers
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Oregon Shooting
Spider-Man 3


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