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Epic Comicast Podcast – Ep 122 – POWER RANGERS Review, JUSTICE LEAGUE, IRON FIST

There has been no shortage of news in the geek world and the Epic Comicast podcast is here to walk you through the biggest stories of the season. There have been new developments in all corners of the superhero universe recently and the ECC team dig up the biggest gems to discuss with you!

First up, Karina and TC jump directly into the steel cage and discuss the Iron Fist controversy that has been plaguing the production from the project’s inception. Now that the show has been out for a few weeks, ECC takes a long look at what went right and what went wrong with the Netflix/Marvel production.

We also got a new trailer for Justice League which seemed to soothe the fears of many DCEU skeptics, while also giving ammunition for all new concerns. Epic Comicast gives their thoughts on the individual members of the League, including Wonder Woman and Aquaman, while voicing their concerns about the upcoming tent pole film from DC Films.

For the main event, the Epic Comicast crew break down the movie that they have been waiting for since the 90’s, the Power Rangers. If you have been following the podcast, you know that the team were huge Mighty Morphin Power Rangers growing up and now that they give their opinion on the state of the franchise. Was it what they expected? Did it let them down? Get ready to find out. Enjoy the podcast!

Official Synopsis:

It’s Podcasting Time! Cringe… Welcome back to the podcast made by fans about the fandoms you love; Epic Comicast. This week Karina and TC discuss the latest Iron Fist controversy, the Justice League trailer, and review the Power Rangers Movie (2017)! This episode… got somewhat contentious. Karina wanted to kill me by the end of it. Make sure to visit us over at www.epiccomicast.com to check out more of our podcast episodes! We hope you enjoy!


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