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Epic Comicast Podcast – Ep 121 – LOGAN Review

It’s time for another installment of the podcast that it so epic, that it has to be recorded episode by episode, in order to be believed. There is a lot to talk about this week, as Epic Comicast breaks down the latest in the world of geek. So grab your comic collection and your Wolverine Halloween costume because this is another big episode.

There has been a ton of movement over on the Warner Bros’ lot, as the executive brass decide the fate of the DC Films’ universe. There has been chatter about the newest Batman movie to be directed by Matt Reeves, however we may be seeing the Caped Crusader before you may be assuming. TC and Karina dig into the new direction of the DCEU and take a look at movies already in the pipeline like Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Meanwhile, Marvel has begun production on their epic show and IMAX production of The Inhumans. There has recently been set reports of the show being shot on location and the ECC team gives their thoughts on the newest property to be brought to life. 

It has already been a big month for comic book movie fans, as Logan has blown away all reasonable expectations and served as the perfect swan song, for both the character and star Hugh Jackman. ECC is here to give their trademark breakdown and review of the R-rated X-Men spin-off film. What do they think of Jackman’s last performance? Is it the best X-Men film ever? Get ready to find out. Enjoy the episode!

Official Synopsis:

It’s Logan time bubs! Welcome back to the podcast made by fans about the fandoms you love; Epic Comicast. This week Karina and TC review the new Logan movie directed by James Mangold! Where does it rank amongst the other X-Men films? We also touch on some Inhumans news/images as well as a first look at Aquaman visual effects for the DCEU! Make sure to visit us over at www.epiccomicast.com to check out more of our podcast episodes! We hope you enjoy!


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