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DAVE CHAPPELLE Netflix Trailer: O.J., Isis, and What Kills Black People

In times of social turbulence, among other artists, comedians have long been the voice of unreasonable reason and the unlikely arbiters of truth. Whether you are talking about George Carlin or Richard Pryor in the 1970’s or Chris Rock in the late 1990’s, these have been the voices who shed light on the darkness…while making you hold your gut in laughter.

Dave Chappelle was one of those generational voices that helped to make sense of a wild political time in the early 2000’s, primarily through his stand-up and through one of the most sensational comedy shows ever, The Chappelle Show. His show offered some of the best written comedy in ages, while tackling everything from George W. Bush and white supremacy, to Prince making pancakes and Rick James. Chappelle suddenly left the show after the third season and for all intents and purposes went underground. However, he never left his biggest talent, stand-up comedy.

Following a wildly successful guest spot on last year’s post-election episode of Saturday Night Live, Chappelle is back (and buffer than ever) in a brand new pair of specials for Netflix. The programs are two unseen specials from his personal vault, one being a performance in Austin, Texas from 2015 called Deep in the Heart of Texas and another performance at the Palladium in Los Angeles last year called The Age of Spin. Unfortunately, it seems since the specials weren’t recorded this year, we won’t get his take on the calamitous new presidency and the subsequent fallout, but with Chappelle you take what you can get.

This is a larger part of Netflix’s push to add more original content to their platform. They have already garnered big numbers with their partnership with Marvel, as well as with other critical hits such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. However, in the past year they have put a lot of focus in making Netflix the prime location for stand-up comedy. They already have specials from Aziz Ansari, Chelsea Peretti, and Jim Gaffigan, however they have recently acquired new specials from even bigger names such as Amy Schumer, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock.

You only have to wait a week to get a double dosage of Chappelle, as both of his specials will drop on the same day in late March. It’s a great time to be a fan of comedy and Chappelle. Hopefully, this is only the beginning…

Dave Chappelle will be available for streaming on Netflix on March 21st, 2017.

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