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COLOSSAL Trailer: Anne Hathaway v Godzilla

Sometimes a movie has to be seen to be believed. Sometimes the plot of movie can’t be easily described like The Matrix, or is simply to wacky to explain, a la Swiss Army Man. It looks like there is going to be another movie to add to the library with Colossal.

The new movie stars Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises) as a woman riding a bad streak of luck. She soon discovers that her actions are not made in a vacuum and that she has more power than she ever imagined. In fact, she’s secretly in control of the gigantic monster that’s attacking the city, giving her an even bigger problem to cope with.

The movie stars Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, and Dan Stevens. Stevens is having a stellar 2017, after starring in FX’s Legion on TV and as the Beast, in Disney’s inevitable March blockbuster, Beauty and the Beast. While Sudeikis is no stranger to quirky, indie dramas and has proven to be more of a chameleon than many envisioned for the former SNL actor. 

This movie looks like a combination of Godzilla, Birdman, and Being John Malkovich, and has the potential to be a sneaky sleeper this April. Particularly if the monster action holds up for sci-fi fans. We will see if the movie can find an audience, but for now, check out the trailer.

Official Synopsis:

Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is a hard partying New York scene girl who is thrust into crisis when her boyfriend, Tim (Dan Stevens), grows sick of her antics and kicks her out of their apartment. With no other options, she moves back to her hometown and quickly regresses, drinking every night until last call and accepting a job at a bar owned by her childhood friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis). One day she wakes up and blurrily finds out that Seoul was terrorized by a giant creature the night before. Eventually, Gloria begins to suspect her own drunken actions are bizarrely connected to the monster rampaging in South Korea.

Colossal opens on April 7th, 2017.

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Source: Slashfilm

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