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CLIPS THAT MAKE US SMILE – Worst Movie Extras, Funniest Movie Deaths, Star Wars Fan Theories, Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

It’s that special time when the Point of Geeks drops the video clip extravaganza, known as Clips That Make Us Smile! Where we compile an assortment of great clips made by creative people, just like you! This week we go all over the world of cinema from Palo Alto to Dagobah and through the post-apocalyptic wasteland and come back with some geek gold! This is a fun one. So grab your popcorn and let’s get into it!



5 Worst Extras in Movie History


There is no degree or school that you can go to that trains you to be a good movie extra. Either you got it or you don’t. Or you are just a complete fool… Screen Crush has compiled an awesome list of five of the worst extras to ever “perform” in the movies. Get ready to laugh.



7 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs


The long in development biopic on the Apple computer’s co-founder is finally coming to the screen this month in Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs. Writer Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) wrote the screenplay for the unconventional biographical film, which is structured around three seperate product launches by Jobs. This video gives some incredible background on the production, which will surely enrich the experience when you sit down to watch the movie later this month. Enjoy!



10 Funniest Movie Deaths Scenes in Movies


Let’s get one thing straight, death is not a funny thing. Well…it’s not always a funny thing… Put it to you this way. Death is f***ing hilarious…but only in this awesome top ten list that was put together by Screen Rant. It’s a collection of the most ridiculously hilarious death scenes throughout movie history. Enjoy.



Everything Wrong With ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in 12 Minutes


The people behind Cinema Sins know what they are doing. However, they made a big mistake by mislabeling their latest video. It should be called If There Was Anything Wrong With ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Here is What it Could Be, because Mad Max: Fury Road is a near perfect experience. Regardless, Cinema Sins was able to come up with twelve minutes of hilarity in the post-apocalyptic sandbox of George Miller’s creation.



5 Star Wars Theories Too Good To Not Be True


The countdown continues until the Skywalker clan resumes their adventures in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it’s hard to contain the excitement. So we will keep your Force-sensitive minds occupied until then with awesome Star Wars themed content until December rolls around. This video is brought to us courtesy of Dorkly and gives us five theories made by fans that if aren’t true, will still make you question the story you thought you knew. Enjoy. 


Tell us what you thought about the clips! Which ones were your favorite? Your opinion matters to us! If you ever find any clips that make you smile, let us know and maybe we can feature yours in the next edition! Make sure to share our stories on Reddit, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Source: ScreenRant, Dorkly, Cinema Sins, Screen Crush, Flicks and the City

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