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Clips That Make Us Smile – Batman > Superman, Lewis and Clarke vs Bill & Ted, Everything Wrong w/Poltergeist (1982)

Welcome to another edition of Clips That Make Us Smile, the Point of Geeks weekly collection of awesome action and hilarious videos from the greater geek universe. There has been constant chatter about Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters getting back together to jump in the phone booth for Bill and Ted 3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been going quietly under the radar with Suicide Squad taking headlines, so we take a look at what these characters have been doing in their down time. So sit down and let us put a smile on that face!


Batman v Superman


Warner Bros has made it clear that they plan on differentiating themselves from their competition at Marvel by creating a tone that takes it self more seriously than Marvel. So it is a good time whenever the characters are able to take their cape off and let their belly’s hang out a little. 


Everything Wrong with Poltergeist (1982)


Poltergeist came back to theaters this month with the new reboot of the classic horror film. The movie however was a slight disappointment at the box-office, failing to recapture the imagination of audiences like it did in the early 80’s. The usual complaints about remaking the classic are being thrown around, but Cinema Sins shows why the original was far from perfect. 



Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted – Epic Rap Battles of History


This is truly a historic battle squaring off two of times most infamous duos. While admittedly this is not the best Epic Rap Battle ever, it is always a welcome thing to see Bill and Ted on the screen. Wyld Stallyns!


Honest Trailer – Armageddon


Michael Bay apologists will cite Armageddon, along with The Rock and Bad Boys as bright spots on his resume. However, Armageddon is far from a perfect movie and the Screen Junkies want to make sure that you remember it. 

Tell us what you thought about the clips! Which ones were your favorite? Your opinion matters to us! If you ever find any clips that make you smile, let us know and maybe we can feature yours in the next edition! Make sure to share our stories on Reddit, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Source: ERB, Cartoon Hooligans, Screen Junkies, Cinema Sins

Braxter Timberlake


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