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Box Office Report – KONG Rules Supreme At the Box-Office

The second weekend in a month full of blockbusters did not disappoint as Kong: Skull Island made its debut in the top spot. The second film in Legendary’s “Monster-verse” follows 2014’s Godzilla and has had a decent reception from critics and audiences. The spectacle film marks the return of King Kong and made an estimated $61 million dollars in its opening weekend.

The movie has an announced production budget of $185 million dollars, however international ticket sales should help to buoy the monster movie. Movies featuring kaiju, giant creatures, beating each other to death is easily translatable in almost any language. With that said, the movie has already made $81 million dollars overseas bringing its worldwide total to over $140 million. So, it would seem that while not being a mega-success, the Monster-verse is still on track.

Second place belonged to Logan, which had a significant drop of almost 57% from its first weekend’s take of $88 million dollars. Hugh Jackman’s swan song made an estimated $38.1 million dollars in week number two, and its worldwide take currently stands at over $437 million dollars, so it will be interesting how the movie’s legs hold up over the course of the month.

Get Out continues to defy expectations while barely giving up box-office ground. In the thriller’s third week of release, it added another estimated $20.7 million dollars to its total while only losing about 36.5% of the previous weekend’s audience. This is hands down one of the biggest successes of the year and one of the most successful horror flicks ever.

Coming in fourth was The Shack, which made another impressive $10 million dollars in its second week of release. The Christian themed film is only the latest in a long line of profitable religion-based releases.

The LEGO Batman Movie squeezed out another estimated $7.6 million dollars in fifth week of release. The LEGO franchise is for real and it will be interesting to find out if audiences show up for every release, much like a Marvel or Star Wars movie.

Check out the full box-office results for the weekend of March 10th-March 12th, 2017.

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 N Kong: Skull Island WB $61,025,472 3,846 $15,867 $61,025,472 $185 1
2 1 Logan Fox $38,112,425 -56.9% 4,071 $9,362 $152,919,158 $97 2
3 2 Get Out Uni. $20,743,440 -26.5% 3,143 +205 $6,600 $110,725,285 $4.5 3
4 3 The Shack LG/S $10,007,551 -38.1% 2,888 $3,465 $32,226,242 2
5 4 The LEGO Batman Movie WB $7,614,412 -34.9% 3,303 -353 $2,305 $158,818,072 $80 5
6 6 Before I Fall ORF $3,000,782 -36.0% 2,346 $1,279 $8,929,594 2
7 7 Hidden Figures Fox $2,761,002 -27.8% 1,421 -161 $1,943 $162,861,188 $25 12
8 5 John Wick: Chapter Two LG/S $2,671,997 -44.4% 2,031 -444 $1,316 $87,395,208 5
9 10 La La Land LG/S $1,773,669 -40.6% 1,578 +167 $1,124 $148,449,258 $30 14
10 9 Fifty Shades Darker Uni. $1,652,095 -53.6% 1,498 -707 $1,103 $112,945,330 $55 5


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Source: Box Office Mojo

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