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Box Office Report – CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Wins the Box-Office Battle

Captain America: Civil War has been one of the most anticipated films of the year and it did not disappoint in its opening weekend. The thirteenth film in Marvel Studios’ history had an estimated $181.7 million dollar debut domestically, which was right about where industry insiders had pegged the movie. The movie has already been open overseas for weeks and has grossed over $675 million dollars to date. This is the beginning of yet another huge year for the studio, who have Doctor Strange waiting in the bullpen for a November release.


What is better than coming in first? Coming in first AND second! The Jungle Book continued to hold strong in its fourth week of release collecting another estimated $21.8 million dollars. The movie only lost an estimated 50% of the previous week’s audience, which is a huge feat with the opening of Civil War. Regardless, it’s a winning situation for Disney who released both films. Cha-ching!


Third place belonged to Mother’s Day, which actually increased its audience in its second week of release due to the holiday weekend. The movie made an estimated $9 million dollars, while pushing its total over the $20 million dollar mark. 


The Huntsman: Winter’s War continued its gradually slide into oblivion as it collected a meager $3.5 million dollars in its third week of release. The movie has grossed a little over $40 million dollars domestically with an announced production budget of $115 million dollars. However, Universal had one of the most profitable years ever, so the studio certainly isn’t reeling. But this doesn’t bode well for Alice Through the Looking Glass which opens opposite of X-Men: Apocalypse.


Rounding out the top five spots was Keanu. Key and Peele’s first starring film disappointed in its opening weekend and had an equally rough second week, with an estimated $3 million dollar weekend. While both actors have proven to be capable supporting actors, hopefully the comedy team will get another chance at movie stardom. 


Here is the complete box-office breakdown for the weekend of May 6th-8th, 2016.

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 N Captain America: Civil War BV $181,791,000 4,226 $43,017 $181,791,000 $250 1
2 1 The Jungle Book (2016) BV $21,873,000 -50.0% 4,144 +103 $5,278 $284,985,265 $175 4
3 4 Mother’s Day ORF $9,006,141 +7.6% 3,141 +106 $2,867 $20,725,561 2
4 2 The Huntsman: Winter’s War Uni. $3,580,000 -62.8% 2,901 -901 $1,234 $40,363,620 $115 3
5 3 Keanu WB $3,080,000 -67.4% 2,681 +23 $1,149 $15,100,937 $15 2
6 5 Barbershop: The Next Cut WB $2,700,000 -55.6% 1,734 -576 $1,557 $48,768,843 4
7 6 Zootopia BV $2,677,000 -49.8% 2,077 -410 $1,289 $327,624,990 10
8 8 The Boss Uni. $1,750,000 -59.2% 1,933 -890 $905 $59,102,460 $29 5
9 7 Ratchet & Clank Focus $1,462,000 -70.0% 2,895 +4 $505 $7,095,633 2
10 9 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice WB $1,045,000 -73.0% 1,593 -737 $656 $327,250,133 $250 7


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Source: Box Office Mojo

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