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Box Office Report – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Has Biggest March Opening Ever

It was clear since Disney first announced their remake of their classic animated film, Beauty and the Beast, that it would dominate its opening weekend. Everything went according to plan for the Mouse House. In fact, the new live-action movie broke expectations and records with an estimated $174.7 million dollar opening. It demolished last year’s record opening in March of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice of $166 million dollar debut and also secured the seventh largest opening of all time. 

The movie has been the recipient of good will and reviews. However, there still is stiff competition for Beauty and the Beast to navigate, as Power RangersGhost in the Shell, and Life, will still open over the next two weeks. However, with an opening like this, it ensures that the live-action adaptations of Disney’s cartoon classics will continue for the foreseeable future.

Second place belonged to Kong: Skull Island, which lost almost 55% of its opening weekend’s audience. The next step in Legendary’s Monsterverse is chugging along with an estimated $27.8 million dollars in its second week of release. The King Kong epic has already made over $260 million dollars worldwide, so it would seem that the movie will be seen as a success and should ensure the coming King Kong versus Godzilla movie that has been building since Godzilla’s release in 2014.

Logan officially crossed the $500 million dollar worldwide mark in just three short weeks of release. The solo X-Men film made an estimated $17.8 million dollars, which qualified it for third place. It has been a stunning critical, fan, and financial success for the last solo installment of the Wolverine series, for both Fox Studios and actor Hugh Jackman. 

Fourth place belonged to Get Out, which has been the pound-for-pound most profitable movie of the year. In its fourth week of release, the socio-political horror film made an estimated $13.4 million dollars. Get Out has already crossed the $100 million dollar mark, which is a first for a first-time black director in Jordan Peele and it looks like it has no intention of slowing down.

Rounding out the top five spots was The Shack, which continues to pull in the religious dollars. The Christian themed film made another estimated $6 million dollars and has grossed over $42 million dollars in it three week run. 

Here is the complete box-office breakdown for the weekend of March 17th-19th, 2017.

TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
1 N Beauty and the Beast (2017) BV $174,750,616 4,210 $41,508 $174,750,616 $160 1
2 1 Kong: Skull Island WB $27,832,142 -54.4% 3,846 $7,237 $109,107,436 $185 2
3 2 Logan Fox $17,815,677 -53.3% 3,687 -384 $4,832 $184,342,562 $97 3
4 3 Get Out Uni. $13,437,220 -35.2% 2,979 -164 $4,511 $133,305,365 $4.5 4
5 4 The Shack LG/S $6,005,739 -40.0% 2,825 -63 $2,126 $42,490,369 3
6 5 The LEGO Batman Movie WB $4,602,235 -39.6% 2,735 -568 $1,683 $167,325,587 $80 6
7 N The Belko Experiment BH Tilt $4,137,230 1,341 $3,085 $4,137,230 $5 1
8 7 Hidden Figures Fox $1,475,280 -46.6% 1,162 -259 $1,270 $165,534,349 $25 13
9 8 John Wick: Chapter Two LG/S $1,183,506 -55.7% 1,065 -966 $1,111 $89,774,310 6
10 6 Before I Fall ORF $985,631 -67.2% 1,551 -795 $635 $11,246,308 3


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Source: Box Office Mojo

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