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At Least 11 Things That You Missed in the CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Trailer

Today Marvel dropped the full trailer for Captain America: Civil War, which gave the most comprehensive look at the upcoming blockbuster yet. The new trailer showed off the reasons for much of the conflict in the film, as well as the long-awaited look at the new iteration of Spider-Man. However, there are endless Easter Eggs that give valuable indications on what is to come both in the movie and in the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. So take another look at the trailer and let’s dig into At Least 11 Things That You Missed in the CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Trailer.


A History Lesson



As the years go by, the MCU grows increasingly complicated and hard to keep track of. In recent films, they have used certain characters, such as Thor in Avengers: Age or Ultron or the Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy,  to give the audience a quick history lesson and catch everyone up to speed. It appears that is the purpose for Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) in this scene and when you see the cumulative impact and destruction of the Avengers and Captain America movies…it does add up. Fun Fact: If you pause on each disaster, they actually give a death toll for each incident (or movie) and the totals are staggering.


The Wasteland



There are a couple of logical reasons for the icy location. It could tie into where Captain America crash landed with the Tesseract in the 1940’s. This could be an opportunity to add some backstory to Rogers’ history or to set up a future event. However, it’s even more likely that this is the base in Russia where either the Winter Soldier was housed, or where we will meet Baron Zemo. 





In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series, he chose to have the character have an organic explanation for  Spidey’s web-weaving capabilities. It simplified his origin story, yet was certainly not comic-book accurate. Aside from his spider powers, a huge defining trait of Peter Parker is his keen scientific mind and engineering acumen. Marvel always sticks to canon when they can and with the presence of Iron Man, it will be easy to explain the web shooters. They seem to be like bracelets that wrap around his entire wrists, unlike the mechanical shooters in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.  In addition, it looks like the actual webbing is more comic book accurate and realistic than ever before as well. 


The Raft



In the Marvel Comics, there are several prisons designed to contain powerful villains. One of which was an underwater installation known as “The Raft.” Also in the “Civil War” story line there was Prison 42, which held those, including Captain America, who opposed the Registration Act and went against the government sanctions. It seems that the MCU version is taking elements of both super-max prisons and will hold a similar significance in the upcoming movie. 


Enter T’Challa



Every great superhero has an equally iconic public persona. T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, is Wakandan royalty who also moonlights as the Black Panther. It seems that this might be the inciting incident which gets T’Challa involved in the plot and the hunt for Bucky Barnes. It would make sense for this to be where T’Challa loses his father, whom he is presumably clutching, which sets his character on his destiny to become an even greater hero. It also would make it easier to transition to the action without the origin story baggage in his solo movie. Regardless, whatever happens in this scene results in Bucky catching a beat down. 


Spidey’s Alterations and Accessories



There has been strong indications that Tony Stark takes Peter Parker/Spider-Man under his wing and helps to upgrade his crime-fighting uniform in the movie. Well just from this shot you can see many of the alterations and upgrades that the web-swinger received when he joined the MCU. While his eyes may look overly animated, they probably are equipped with some sort of telescopic technology. He also is equipped with a utility belt, which presumably houses his extra cartridges of web fluid. The spider on the front is significantly smaller than past iterations, while he has the classic large red spider on his back. The suit also is more textured than it appears at first glance and with two months left until release, there is more than enough time for the look to be refined.


Who Shot Ya?



Trailers are known for their misdirection and it seems that Civil War’s teaser isn’t any exception. War Machine’s potential death has been heavily marketed for the film and even that could be a red herring. The trailer is cut to look like the Winter Soldier grounds War Machine with a sniper rifle. However, the blast that takes out the hero was actually a yellow energy blast, identical to the one seen by Vision in Avengers Age of Ultron. Boom.


I Can Do This All Day



It is a little surprising that this callback to Captain America: The First Avenger was revealed in the trailer, as it could have a significant emotional impact. Regardless, it is a confirmation that his heart hasn’t changed over the years. Before undergoing the Super Soldier experiment, Steve Rogers would not shy away from a fight with a bully. In the scene above, Bucky comes to his aid because Rogers will not stop fighting even if he is losing. It appears that Cap is facing a similar uphill fight in Civil War, but will Bucky make it in time to rescue him again? 


The Gods of Civil War



We all got to witness the introduction of Scarlet Witch and the birth of Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. There were many questions about how Captain America’s team will be able to defeat the living robot. The answer seems to be simple. Both he and Scarlet Witch were created with the help of the mystical mind stone, which is the source of much of their power. It’s seems plausible that Scarlet Witch is able to actually control the energy, while it simply powers the android. It also appears that it’s Hawkeye who has fallen. If it is Vision’s blast that takes War Machine down, it would seem that Scarlet Witch is taking matters into her own hands to neutralize him. 


The Power of the Panther



In the last trailer we just got a quick glimpse of the costume and a shot of Black Panther drop-kicking Winter Soldier, like Charlie Murphy did Rick James in the 80’s. However, this time we see some of the capabilities of the newly introduced hero. The Vibranium-laced costume is able to effortlessly withstand the fire of a helicopter mini-gun, a fact that will surely make Iron Man jealous. He also is as fast as a motorcycle and his feral form of combat is being successfully translated to the screen. It looks like we may have a new fan-favorite character.


The Tiniest Avenger



If it wasn’t for the reveal of Spider-Man, this surely would have been the money shot of the trailer. In the classic comic book cover, Ant-Man rides an arrow fired by Hawkeye. In the MCU version, it appears as if he is inside the arrow, which separates and releases him before impact. In Ant-Man we saw the havoc that he caused to Falcon’s jet pack, so it should be fun to see him play inside the Iron Man armor. However, chances are that Stark has a contingency plan up his sleeve…


Captain America: Civil War opens on May 6th, 2016.


There is a lot more to look forward to in Captain America: Civil War. If you want to learn even more about the movie, feel free to visit our Exclusives section for spoilers. What did you think of the trailer? What else did you find? Let us know on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Reddit! Make sure to share our stories on your favorite social media by clicking below.

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